Podiatry drills are not all created equal. In fact, most podiatry drills in the market were originally designed and created for the manicure market.  Manufacturers of these devices discovered an additional market in the Podiatry arena and rather than building drills for the more rigorous use and demands that a Podiatrist puts on a drill they simply sold the manicure drill into the Podiatry market.  Why is this a concern?  The manicure drill was not created with the power, torque and longevity requirements that a DPM requires and therefore the drills break down often and do not last as long as they should.  If you’re paying thousands of dollars for a piece of equipment you need it to be reliable, powerful, and efficient and it should provide longevity.  A good Podiatry drill should offer strong torque at the bur so that you can apply the necessary pressure to debride the nail quickly.  Many of the drills in the market today will bog down when you begin to apply more pressure and this tends to heat up the motor causing pre-mature failure.  At PodiatryDrills.com we have selected the best Podiatry drills in the market for today’s practicioner.  These drills receive good online reviews from those who use them and their average life span is 10-15 years!  You can certainly find cheaper drills but the cost of failure and breakdowns adds up quickly and you will soon regret buying cheap!